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: Hi from France

12-13-2018, 01:32 AM
Hi to all!
At school my teachers all said that I should look to a job/career in art or design, my father had other ideas! I won't insult you all with what he said about art students and artists! I was forced into the family's electrical businesses!
In my mid twenties I had a bad accident and was unable to walk for two years, I began pen and ink drawings to relieve boredom, drawing the Welsh canals. A blow by blow ( lock, bridge or building) of the canals. Many parts of the canal side events had disappeared, I began to research old postcards photos and artwork, museums, libraries and internet helped me fill in the gaps.
A style developed drawing in sepia on simulated vellum paper.
One day while canal side drawing, a woman walking her dog looked over my shoulder and asked can I buy that when its finished. I had never considered selling my work (I didn't think it was good enough), from this came a commission to draw her cottage in the same style and format/size. Several other sales followed.
Eventually I regained vertical and walking again, now the decision faced me break away from the family and become an artist or return to the job (I hated), bullied back to the security of marine electrician. Looking back, "if only I knew then what I know now"! Marriage, children and similar life responsibilities kept pen and brush locked away.
Now some 40 years on at 67 retired and needing a pension top up, I am starting again but in France. Loads of canals, towns and architecture to draw and paint.

From some one who didn't, if you balanced on a career decision in art, go for it! Don't live to regret it like me! Have courage!!!!!