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: Help with repairs.

09-21-2018, 06:48 PM
Hi, I'm not sure if this post should be in Mixed Media or Sculpting so I'll post in both. I have these vintage nativity statues that need repair and repainting. Some are light and seem to be made of paper mache and some are heavier and made out of some sort of plaster type material. I want to repair the chips and don't know what material to use. Light weight spackle was suggested to me by an art store and to use glue to adhere the spackle to the chipped areas. I tried searching for reviews on ready made paper mache and the reviews were bad, saying the material is lumpy and good for kids' projects only. Some of the chipped parts are almost white and some, like the sheep's legs are a dark material.

Aside from that, once I repair the statues, I will need to paint them to fortify the statues a little and also to have similar color brightness. I was told to use acrylics. Looking at the paints in the store, I saw ones that were ones labeled matte and satin. I know glossy would be too shiny. Not sure which of these two are best to use and also do I need to buy a varnish to go over the paint? Is there such a thing as non-glossy varnish? I'm so hoping someone will be able to help me. These statues are a family heirloom. Thanks in advance.