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: Choosing a medium and finding your style

09-07-2018, 07:17 PM
Hello! I have been dabbling in art for several years now and love art while I’m doing it, but find myself getting frustrated because I can’t find my niche. I find myself being drawn to a more realistic style, but get so caught up in making everything 100% perfect that I often quit my pieces before I finish them. I also have a hard time figuring out what to draw. I am just looking for any tips on how to stick with it, find what your style is, and free your mind to think of things to create in the first place. I am attaching some things I’ve done as well. One is water color and the others are graphite or colored pencil.

09-08-2018, 01:53 AM
I think most of them fairly good. For a bit of change you still should try few works in any impressionist style with acryl for example. there you can open up your own perspective, and eliminate the conflict with the elemental perfectionism of you. :-)
And about subjects; pick randomly a good picture from any newspapers or magazines, or search specificly on the internet some photos, that is how I do usually.