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: Greetings from Massachusetts!

06-20-2018, 08:52 AM
Hi, I'm new to this website and so far I really like it. I Haven't posted anything yet but I thought I start here. I'm a graphic artists not professional yet but I did get my college degree and plan to get my bachelors. I have a deep passion for any type of art, especially when it comes to Illustration and Comic Books and I hope to get in that field someday. I took many art classes as I could and I draw everyday. I don't know why but I find art very meditative and therapeutic because it really helps calm my anxious mind. Hope to find other like minded people here and make some new friends. I've tried deviantart but did not have much luck there and I'm grateful to have a small following. Here is an example of my art below. Not perfect yet and anatomy may be a bit off, its just a quick character sketch for a comic I'm working on. :biggrin: