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Otterly Art
05-08-2018, 11:29 PM
Hi everyone.

Im trying to improve my coloured blending skills. Ive always had trouble blending but now that im trying different skills and techniques and ive got seemingly good quality pencils its starting to drive me crazy that i cant get it right.

I was previously using generic faber castelle coloured pencils but for christmas received a 72 pack of derwent artist pencils.
Ive never been the best at blending but i seem to be having great trouble with the derwent pencils. Whenever i blend/layer i get left with a waxy/grainy residue left over. Almost as if the colour is gripping to the colour already on the page rather than the paper. Ive tried a variety of GSM including lesser and more, all the different techniques i can google. Ive tried using the derwent blender pencils, the paper stump blenders and i just cant seem to get it right.

I know derwent have different kind of pencils including studio, coloursoft, and procolour in adition to my arists brand. Does anyone know the difference between all these types? I cant seem to find any information.

Is there a particular brand that everyone likes to blend/layer with?

08-22-2018, 06:01 AM
There are many good you tube videos showing how to blend. In general, I start with medium pressure and then gradually get lighter. Then using the color you wish to blend into this, start at the opposite side with medium pressure and gradually meet the first color with lighter and lighter pressure. Better to watch it done.