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: Hello there~

Thorin Nikolai
04-24-2018, 12:21 PM
HI everyone! I was searching around for an artist forum and happened to find this one. It looked really promising with a good group and decided to try it out. I will be the first to admit I am very new to forums and don't know much about how to function/ask advice in one. But I figured I'd give it a go~

Let's see I am 23yrs old and looking to get into Art Center College of Design for animation and character designing. I am currently working on a few comic ideas, with one taking presidence. I am usually afraid to post my art anywhere due to the fact most of it is original and I have a great fear of someone stealing it. With me not knowing about it at all due to not having a community online to watch my back. Uh...if people want to know more let me know and please by all means let me know about how to use artists forums to my advantage in seeking advice and just having a good time in general!~

04-27-2018, 03:33 PM
Hello !
I'm completely new too but I really like talking about art and drawing !
If you want to be sure nobody will steal your art, (I totally understand) put your name/pseudo on (In big !)

I really want to see your art !
(sorry for my english, I'm French ! :) )

Bye ! ;)