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: Awkward questions about modeling

04-02-2018, 12:21 PM
Hi everybody, I am an art lover and though I do dabble in different mediums I do not generally make enough income to cover the cost of supplies. I'm not sure if "introductions" is the appropriate place to ask questions, but since I'm new I figured it would work.
In July I had a single, nipple sparing mastectomy of my left breast. I currently have an unfilled expander in place. I have a portacath under my skin above my right breast. Aside from the cancer after math I look pretty typical of a 35yo mother of 3.
I am considering applying for work as an artist model at Chicago area universities.
I think a body like mine is probably under represented in the normal pool of models that would apply. Am I off base with this asumption?
After being very exposed through many medical procedures I feel I would be comfortable with being nude in a room of artists, though I might be more comfortable being covered below my waist.
I think that being able to profit from the misery I've been through would be a positive experience. Speaking of profits does anyone have any idea of how much money I might make if I decided to proceed?
I have not decided yet if I would be open to modeling for photography or not, there are some pros and cons I would have to weigh.
Any advice or insight anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

04-05-2018, 12:58 PM
I think its a beautiful choice you are considering, I think you would be very inspirational and a personal fulfillment if I can say so myself. In terms of money, I am not sure how much would be offered, if I recall in my college days, the models were not making a lot of money being models for our classes. Nevertheless I wish you luck in this exciting journey your are considering taking :)

~ Glenda