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: Greetings from India..!!

03-30-2018, 09:24 AM
Hello all,

I like to think of myself as an amateur painter and eager learner. I did water and oil color painting around schooldays. Then I had a long break from painting and did not even know that the desire is there.

After around 10 years, it started to feel the painting bug. I remember getting waves of inspiration from looking at Monet's work for much too long, and a painter friend also inspired a lot. This time I have mostly done few water color and mostly acrylic, and now I am tightening my belt while thinking about oil color.

Now at 34, having a private sector job, and father of an one year old angel .. I do not claim to put a lot of time into painting.. but I am really passionate about it whenever I am at it.

Looking forward to some great interaction and learning :smile: