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: Do You Remember Your First Art Supply Kit?

03-27-2018, 11:55 AM

Art is all about experience and perception – at least when it comes to the people viewing it. As an artist, however, it is all about technique, style, and skill. Unless you have the right tools, however, you may not be able to translate those things into a tangible work of art. If you are a painter, there are certain supplies you should keep around – keep reading to learn how to build a painter’s art supply kit. How to Build a Painter’s Art Supply Kit (

Do you remember your first art supply kit? How have things changed since you started?

Share your tips with others about how to build up their art supply kit. :smile:

03-27-2018, 01:59 PM
My first kit was very basic and I must confess a lot of stuff I had bought from the dollar store. I was only 9 so my parents only invested what they could. Later on in life I spent more money on pencil crayons and acrylic paint. Something about going to the art store and wondering those aisles and trying to figure out what you can add to your art kit :)

~ Glenda