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: Rules on painting people

02-08-2018, 10:29 AM

I wish to paint portraits to sell. However, I would like to know the rules for doing this. I know that i cant use pictures from the internet so I bought a camera and I want to take pictures of real people. However, if I pay someone to take a picture of them then sell my finished painting, would I need some sort of licence to do this? would I need to create some sort of contract? I have tried searching for information on this subject but i have not found anything as of yet.

I would be grateful if someone knew what is correct in this situation
Thank you

02-12-2018, 10:06 PM
All you need is a "release" form. Look online to find a stock release form that fits your needs. It's a contract between you and the subject that gives you permission to use that person's image for commercial and/or marketing use. You can tweak the release form to cover all of your needs. Also, paying your subjects is the professional way to go, but I wanted to bring up the point that it isn't legally necessary to pay someone for use of their image, even if you will profit from it. I bring this up in case you find yourself unable to pay your subject, this shouldn't stifle your creativity. Many people are just happy to have the image of their portrait when you finish.

I hope this helps...