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: Any Pointers Appreciated - Juan Jos

01-07-2018, 10:12 PM
I've recently returned to traditional art from a hiatus in which I did mostly digital art. The first drawing I've tried to do is of Juan Josť Padilla.

While I was never particularly great at portraits, I'm still not back at 100%. The biggest problem I'm seeing is the blending, or lack thereof. Normally I build my way up to the softer pencils from harder ones, which generally creates a smooth look and eliminates the need for blending. Here I just dived straight into 6B, and it doesn't look smooth at all.

I do have a blending stump laying around here somewhere, but I'm reluctant to use it. Whenever I try using those I just end up with awkward still-not-quite-smooth dark blotches where I 'blended'.

Aside from the graininess, any critiques?

01-08-2018, 09:10 AM
I think it's fabulous the way it is. We are not cameras, we're artist and this is a really good artist representation.

I also went digital but only for a short while. It all felt to mechanical or something. Too much wasted time and money for me.

01-18-2018, 09:56 PM
It's a good portrait! The proportion looks spot on, the nose may be a little off, but I can't tell for sure it might be that way on the original picture.

The blending you did in the face and clothing is good and soft, but the hair dosent seem as smooth though, it looks a little scratchy. But that's probably cause you just used one grade of pencil for the whole drawing.

But all in all it is a great portrait! I can't wait to see what you can do when you get back into it 100%, I think you have really good talent. And when you start building your values from lightest to darkest again I bet your drawings will start to look buttery smooth.