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: Sculpting Tools and several non sequintors

12-04-2017, 07:20 PM
Hi guys, I'm thinking of asking for some sculpting tools for Christmas. I want to make things out of clay mostly animals and vessels and the like. I *ahem* Santa can't spend a lot on them I'd say $150 would be pushing it and $100 or less would be more realistic. What are the tools you need to make sculptures and are there any books, or dvds, that can give me advice for starting out.

As a follow up question: do local community college allow people to use their kilns or do you have to be a student. I would love to make some pottery that can be used to hold liquid.

I think it might be helpful if I go into more detail about what I want to make so in addition to making simple animal sculptures (deer, foxes, etc.) I'm also interested in (activate pretentious artist mode) a series of memento mori sculptures: things like skulls with ravens perched on them or miniature coffins (i'm not crazy I swear). Is there any particular tool that will make that sculpting easier.

Lastly is there any way I can use clay to make minitures for use in role playing games or jewelry? On the off chance I turn out to be good at this thing it might be nice to make some money with it.