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: TONS of Stretcher Bars 8"-60" Bulk Quantity!!

10-26-2017, 05:05 AM
I bought over 900 boxes (25k) in different size stretcher bars in various sizes from 8"-60" as well as light duty and heavy duty. Literally over 900 boxes and there is either 25 or 50 stretcher bars in each box. Also have bags and bags of different hanging hooks, Boxes upon boxes in all different sizes for shipping the frames once put together. Literally everything you need to start your own little stretcher bar business. The thing is... I bought all this when I was slow to do on the side.. Well my #1 job picked up in high gear and I dont have the time anymore to even attempt to try and start anything with all of them. I was wondering if anybody knew where i could sell all of these stretcher bars in bulk as a unit for literally 1/2 the cost..
Thank You