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: Is this Art?

10-11-2017, 01:15 AM
I am hoping for some advice and suggestions which may help me with a major dilemma. I am a qualified graphic designer but have not been practising recently due to family circumstances. I have attended a number of interviews but had no luck landing a job. I have however, had a large number of positive remarks and compliments from interviewers on viewing the work I have produced in my free time alongside work that sits in my portfolio. It is hand drawn, then photographed and uploaded into photoshop where I make any necessary changes and renderings. It is non illustrative in the main and as such I do not know how best to describe it or myself (i.e. artist v illustrator). Having seen this forum I thought it would be a great platform to air my quandary so that I may know who to approach should I decide to promote or market the work at a later date. I have included a link for anyone who is able to offer any advice or suggestions. Thanks for reading. Really looking forward to hearing from anyone that might be able to help.