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: Not sure how to proceed....

Suzanne Cox Troub
09-23-2017, 07:36 AM
I am an erotic artist. My primary focus is penis, vanity art. I call these penis portraits since most people do not wish to show their faces. I get that. But now to the point .
I was commissioned to draw someone's piece. It is a gift for his friend. Now most of my work has been for free. That way I can work at my own pace a draw or paint it in anyway I see fit. It keeps it pure and I can capture the essence of each of one the way I see it.
I have never had someone unsatisfied. On occasion I do get paid for these and sales have been increasing alot lately which is awesome.
But I had a man commission this one picture for his friend, as stated above, but he knowingly paid me double.
He has given me no expectations. No demands and no time constraints. I know he likes my work. But now I don't know if I should continue to do this piece like I have all of the others, on my own terms, or try to make it the best thing ever.
I have a fear of trying to make it perfect because he paid double, but he has always like the work I do as I do it.
Not sure how to proceed. I am halfway done and intentionally left myself wiggle room.
I don't want to bug him. He is just being a good guy and a good friend. I am afraid if I load him down with questions it will make it awkward.

12-08-2017, 05:26 PM

First of, there is nothing wrong with your thinking process. Just breath in and out :).

Questions are important. You would like to create a guideline for yourself to make the artwork as good as possible. Write down in bulletpoints the things that he like and the way that you are going to express in your art.

However, he has the good faith in you as a friend but also as an artist. He loves your art or else he would have asked some one else to do it.

You are allowed to have the confidence in your work and they way it will turn out. Trust in the process!

Kind regards!