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: "As I Roved Out"

08-06-2017, 06:52 AM
Aye Mates,
As I roved out (title o' one o' me favorite Planxty recordings - give it a listen some time), I happened on a beautiful fog shrouded meadow that is owned by a long time friend. It so happened I had a camera with me and I stopped to grab a few photos. After spending some time in awe as I watched the mist rolling across the meadow, I headed north and saw some really ominous cloud formations which caused me to detour me heading in a westerly vector toward Westford Hill. Up a bit higher and with a vast corn lot to provide some contrast I was able to catch a sky scape that pleased me eye. Hope ye enjoy the photo's.

Foggy Evening Meadow

Crop Dusting

Irishwhistler 🍀