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: Artist and Software Developer from BC, Canada

07-23-2017, 02:34 PM
Hi everyone!

I live on the West coast of British Columbia in Canada and focus my art practice on oil painting: mostly abstracts and abstracted landscapes. My website is I live in a small, ferry-bound community of about 30,000 people, which includes a *ton* of artists. I'm a member of a group of 8 hobby artists called EDGES and have a BA in Visual Art from Emily Carr University.

At this point, painting is a hobby. I've sold only 15 - 20 paintings to date. I would like to eventually have it bring in half or more of my income. But meantime I'm enjoying my day job.

My day job is to develop websites and web-based software. I'm self-employed and am in process of developing online software which will support artists in the business side of their art practice. It is called ArtistClerk.

I'm joining this forum so that I can:
- Meet other artists from around the world and see what you are making and share my own art with you.
- Get a feel for where artists want things to be easier when it comes to the business side of their practice.

I've included a few pictures of my work.