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: Who is this guy?

06-25-2017, 08:58 PM
What it do?

My name is Abdushakur, I am an Islamic artist, which means I am also a Muslim artist (that difference will be distinguished in more detailed and elaborate writing). My work is iconoclastic and abstract, executed with my Satedtler Marsmatic700 and Black Star India ink (there is a significance).

My foundation as an artist is Islam (Salafiyyah) and this is the framework for my artistic perspective as well. This is the methodology I apply within the boundaries of my work. This wasn't always the case. But it has been going for 7 years now and is a stark contrast to my life as an artist prior to my embracing the religion.

I am here to discuss art, art theory, and to gather my thoughts on a public forum in hopes of kick-starting a new art movement to bring life back into the stagnating world of art, from the lifeless Modern art movement.

I am fully aware that many of my ideas will conflict with current trends and will challenge established perceptions in the world of art, so, keep that in mind if you read whatever I write. My writing can appear to be overtly assertive and aggressive and I do not mince words, in case you are sensitive.