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: Mini mini cooper sculpture

06-01-2017, 06:57 AM
This is a sculpture I made while working as a graduate teaching assistant to Joe Moss at the University of Delaware in the mid 1970s. It was published in Motor Trend Magazine,as well as in the invitational regional sculpture exhibit at the Walnut Street Theater in Phila. and a one man show at Bloomsburg University.

Marshall Snook
06-06-2017, 06:24 PM
This is a set of photos with my sister in law standing with the sculpture where I made it. The Sculpture Building at the University of Delaware.
I was working on my Masters Degree in Sculpture and had a graduate teaching position.

Susan Mulno
06-07-2017, 09:25 PM
From what materials did you build it?

Marshall Snook
07-06-2017, 07:45 AM
This was made from an 1959 Austin Mini Cooper. I use to race in solo 1 events.
I cut the car apart and made it a little smaller.
It also had electronics in it.
It had a photo cell that when you walked in front of the car and made a shadow. would activate an 8 track tape player with a Jaguar v12 engine recording.
It was loud.
This was published in Motor Trend Magazine.
While being shown at the Walnut St.,Theater invitational sculpture show in Phila Pa. someone broke into the sculpture and stole the tape player. Duh!!!

The theft made the news in Phila. "Free publicity" worth more than the tape player.