: Who's fed up like me?

05-31-2017, 09:04 AM
Hello to whoever is reading... I'm Alma and I take this time to express my deep frustration on living in the Super Technological Europe that has swept away every ounce of kindness, friendship and spontaneous eye-to-eye conversations. Is there anyone here that wants to talk with me? Anyone not afraid of talking 'bout love, pain, mortality and dreams with another human being? Anyone that maybe prefers to spend the time doing beautiful things like hearing the silence in the middle of the forest? Anyone from Prague, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Budapest... ANY EUROPEAN LIKE ME... that wants to start a real dialogue? I AM HERE. [email protected]
Sorry folks if I'm rhetorically disappointed. I feel so lonely, this is the truth. All around me, I have only smartphones and cold people.

M Winther
06-02-2017, 11:54 PM
In former times, people lived closer together, because they were dependent on each other, economically or otherwise. This has changed. More and more, people are leading life on an isolated island, as it were. They lack a common ground that unites them. It results in rootlessness. In former times, Christian religion functioned as common ground. Today, it has all but vanished from public consciousness. There is no awareness of anything higher than "me" anymore. In Sweden, it is become more common that people refrain from burying their parents. They leave it to the Swedish Church, which does it without much ceremony. Many elderly people lose contact with children and grandchildren, who never come to visit.

This exemplifies alienation and how far it can go. One's parents stand for the old values. But in the postmodern world there are no longer any objective values and truths. There is no earth into which one may strike down one's roots. Men can often compensate the powerful alienating force by burying themselves in hard work. For instance, one could take to oil painting and become a "nerd" about it. But it seems that current developments is even more hurtful to women, because they need to stand in relation to Mother Earth; to have a hearthstone as center of their life. I discuss alienation in this article: The Puer Aeternus - underminer of civilization. (http://mlwi.magix.net/puer.htm)

Mats Winther