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: Sculpting with Plastilina Modeling Clay

04-26-2017, 12:49 AM
Newbie here started my first sculpture today of a small hand using modeling clay. I started by creating the fingers separately and then molded them on to the palm. After that I was trying to add details and shapes. Everything was going great until it started to crack and break apart as I was working with it. I was under the impression that modeling clay does not do that as it does not dry. Should I be moistening the clay while I'm working with it? Does plastilina not work well with smaller pieces? Any help would be great.

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Susan Mulno
05-01-2017, 07:06 AM

I know nothing of sculpting, hopefully someone here does.

It must be frustrating to have a piece fall apart on you!

Maybe there are videos that could help?

05-01-2017, 11:44 PM
Well, I actually started using sculpey and I am having great results. I was hoping to get some answers to better understand different clays. But I'm off to a decent start with sculpey

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06-07-2017, 09:54 AM
Plastilina clay does not dry but it can crack if it is not supported. If you are using plastilina modeling clay I would suggest making a support structure of wire if you are modeling fingers separately then attaching to palm.

There are other modeling clays besides plastilina clays, such as water based modeling clays. These will definitely dry and crack as they are water based.

What brand of modeling clay are you using?