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: Art Tips for Photoshop or Manga studio?

01-19-2017, 09:55 PM
I'm both a traditional and digital artist. I do more digital works nowadays.
I do my drawings in Manga Studio, but manga studio doesn't have has much brush variety as Photoshop. Photoshop doesn't have certain controls like manga studio. Well it might, but i haven't been able to find them. I've been using manga studio for 5 or 6 years now. I'm more antiquated with how to paint in this program. i've attached a file to demonstrate what kinds of things i draw in this program.
Regardless, what would you recommend? Should i stick with Manga studio, or should i move to Photoshop? Are there perhaps any tricks or tips in Manga studio that you would like to share?
Heck, any tips in general. I like hearing other peoples ideas and recommendations.

01-19-2017, 10:00 PM
Hi Hannah love the art especially the girl with the fish, can you list what you want to be able to do in PS that you can do in manga studio?

01-19-2017, 10:57 PM
Thank you :D
Glad you like em!

Manga studio has a stabilization feature, it makes your brush and pen strokes steadier. The layout that i currently have in manga studio is something i don't think i could replicate in Photoshop. of course i could always just re adjust. Certain little effect features. ( a bit hard for me to explain, but something similar to adding an outline around something, or changing the colors of the entire layer) But like i said i probably just haven't been able to find them.
Regardless, any advice is appreciated.
Thanks again~

01-20-2017, 09:36 AM
lazy nezumi is a pretty cheap photoshop add on which is kind of an enhanced version of the stabilizer from manga studio.

01-20-2017, 12:27 PM
I agree with abt lazy nezumi is good and it works with lots of softwares not just ps you should give it a try


01-23-2017, 11:44 AM
I'll give it a try. It looks really good :D
Manga studios stabilizer is pretty good, so if this is better, i need to definitely check it out.

Alice Bell
09-27-2018, 11:14 AM
So original topic! I like it!

Alice Bell
09-28-2018, 11:55 AM
t's so inspiring, they are really professional! In addition, I'm wondering whether you use tips like this