: Mortality - morbid topic?

11-11-2016, 11:12 PM
this morning I found out from my land lord my neighbor has died today
My son came home from school & said " the landlords just told me to inform you daves dead"!
I knew him well, I took him out a couple of times to town to lift his spirits 2 years ago when his ex had cheated on him and left him, she took his cat
I didn't expect his death he's only 49 - he Was only 49...
but I'm not so surprised that he has died, he'd mix whiskey with wine every day, all day and I believe that was to self medicate the tumor in his brain, there wasn't a tumor diagnosed in his brain by a professional, but I have experience, so I diagnosed a tumor in his brain myself.

what has shocked & surprised me and.. disheartened me is the fact his ex girlfriend was called by my landlord, and she came right around thismorning, this was 11am it's now 1am & she's still in his flat, going through his stuff, see this woman, when she cheated on him she took his cat, dave had the cat before they were together?
anyway so a few weeks passed and he bought a new kitten, she came back & took the kitten then released it onto the main road & it got run over & died.
I was the 1 that told him she did it because I was a new tenant at the time & I witnessed her do it, hence my premise for taking him out to cheer him up.. .

what gets me is... he has no one to grieve for him... and now she's in his flat, going through his personal things probably looking for cash.
it just makes me sad that some people are, the way that they are.

on a more positive note it's making me think very very hard about mortality & what legacy we leave.... I know my artwork is my only real chance at being remembered so, I'm going to use this to better my artwork and drive me to be remembered, in honor of my neighbor - Dave

11-12-2016, 01:24 AM
well sounds like dave was a broken guy which is sad. that ex of his deserves a few "slap yous" in the face from the sound of it. you shared his ( final ) story on the internet so some random strangers will know about him and maybe like me wish him all the best wherever his spirit may be.

mortality is a stupid topic to me because no one knows. its inevitable, maybe a bad thing - maybe a good thing. maybe its unknown what happens next on purpose. like nature was smart and if we knew we would off ourselfs alot sooner because its so nice after death or people would live in terror and fear not being able doing anything in fear of death.

fare thee well dave. may the next season have more in store for ya.

11-12-2016, 09:45 AM
Meli I'm sorry for your loss. Whenever we lose a friend we lose a part of our life, even if it is just to say 'Good Morning'.

Susan Mulno
11-15-2016, 11:02 PM
Sorry you must experience such a sad and frustrating situation but good for you, standing in the gap and caring about that poor lost man!