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: Need Help Deciding Which One To Draw

11-07-2016, 05:58 PM
I know I haven't posted any of my own personal art yet, (partly due to the fact I just registered this morning:rolling:) But, anyways, I was home from school sick today and decided to do something useful, so I did a few sketches that I want to turn into a watercolor painting or colored pencil piece. My theme: Christmas. I want to get started on doing some Christmas art so I can turn them into cards to sell. I already have some family members who want some. These are a few ideas I have so far...please keep in mind that these are rough, rough, ROUGH sketches. Like, I only spent a few minutes on each, so if I'm going to do something further with them have to change a lot of lines, details, organization, etc. But I think these give you an idea of where I'm hoping to go with it. But I'd like your opinions on which one you like best out of this batch. Still going to do a few more sketches- some trees and snow, maybe some horses...possibly a bird (i.e. cardinal?) in a snowy branch. Also, if you could give your input on which you think most people would buy. Pic below with all 4 sketches so far. Each one is numbered and I jotted down a few notes to go with each.

#1) Rudolph with a puppy- pup's playing with his nose. May switch out puppy with another animal. Going to have nose shine brightly (of course;), thinking a dark background. I think I might have it snowing...currently have paw prints in the snow, but don't know if I'm going to keep them. Also need to reposition dog so that it's more connected to Rudolph and nose ;)

#2) Fawn coming out of dark woods. Snowing. Fox or some other small animal looking up at the fawn. Need to put the fox farther back and the fawn paying more attention to it so it's not so separate, but that's the idea.

#3) Puppy's first snow. Just a cute, fun, possibly whimsical piece. Open to changing out the puppy for some other animal...maybe a horse foal? Sorry the pic makes this drawing look kind of blurry. It has snow on the paws it's lifting out of snow and might have snow on its nose/back?

#4) A wolf head and shoulders staring up as snow comes falling down. Might have a small pile of snow on its nose.

Thanks for taking a peek at these!

11-08-2016, 06:11 AM
#1 but footprints sideways

11-08-2016, 06:34 AM
I like number 2 the best! They are all great to be honest. :)

11-08-2016, 08:42 PM
#1 but footprints sideways

Oh, that's a great idea! Something I was mulling over....I may sketch out what it may look like if Rudolph was laying, possibly sleeping, and the puppy was kind of crawling on his head and gnawing on his nose. Like a ball. I'll see but it's another possibility :)

I like number 2 the best! They are all great to be honest. :)
Thanks. I think I'm also going to put Christmas lights on the trees and maybe have a puppy in a play bow or something instead of the fox.

Thanks for both of your inputs! 1 & 2 were the ones I thought had most Christmasy potential, so I think going to do one of each.