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: Getting Started Selling Art Feedback

Anthony UH
11-05-2016, 09:08 PM
Hi All,
I am working on a project for school looking for feedback from young artists or those who are thinking about beginning to sell their art work for the first time. What is the most difficult aspect of getting started selling one's art?

Would love to hear feedback!


11-07-2016, 11:00 AM
Well, since no one else has responded so far, I will :) I'm a teen artist, just started attempting to sell my work. For me personally, it's been hard getting people to know that I have art for sale. The places I currently am selling my art locally don't get a lot of traffic, and so far haven't gotten a lot of interest online.

Hope that helps and good luck on your project!

11-08-2016, 08:53 AM
I think you'll find that most of us on this forum are not professional artists. We do our thing and share the results with each other. You'll have to find your own path to sales.

11-11-2016, 12:07 PM
Hi Anthony,

I worked full time in Mechanical Engineering/Design for 18 years before trying my hand at being a full time artist. Its not easy and I have had some disappointments along the way. There is a lot to contend with, such as travel and eating expenses, commission fees when selling, exhibit entry fees, marketing and advertising expenses, etc. So I changed my approach a little - I currently make more money with a painting frame business I set up to offset my shortfalls with selling my actual art. In the end I pulled out of the gallery scene, which often wanted as much as 50% of the sale. I have limited myself to a few choice associations: Oil Painters of America, Salmagundi Club and Lyme Art Association in CT, which still gives me some exposure in the group exhibit arena.

You can self promote online, but that can be an art in itself. There are a lot of artists online... many are excellent - some are mind blowing excellent... and competition is tough. When promoting yourself online you have to contend with things like the search engines, which will introduce you to other things like "search engine optimization" if your developing and coding your own website.

Try to develop of good social media presence if you can. Create account on sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. LinkedIn is a professional social network - I'd recommend setting up an account with them.

(P.S. This topic is a huge one and the landscape is always changing so you have to keep current, especially when doing things online. For example, when I started in social media Google+ was a huge thing and Pinterest did not even exist. Now I think Pinterest has more to offer than Google+.)