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: How do you embed pictures?

09-28-2016, 04:28 AM
Is it only possible using url , or can it also be done <img src=" url "></a> ?

Thank you, Petra

09-28-2016, 05:19 AM
html is most likely disabled on most of the forums out there since you could do bad things with html enabled in your posts.
dont think it will work here - you can always preview your post/ thread before you submit it ( there is a button next to submit )

09-29-2016, 01:41 PM
Hey there

We do have listed in the bottom of the page what you can and cannot do in each thread. Scroll down below the drag and drop, and on the left side you'll see a list of "Posting Rules".

HTML code is typically turned off on many forums, as mentioned above. But for the most part, anything you need in HTML is available in BB code. We can help you with coding it if the link posted by abt2k15 doesn't cover it.