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: Presenting a painting for an art show

07-08-2016, 09:27 PM
Hi. I have been given an opportunity to hang a piece of art in a local art show. Iím not familiar with the etiquettes of working in the art world and I have a question about how it should be presented to them. Iím hand delivering it but I donít know if it should be wrapped in some fashion or if they would expect it unwrapped and ready to hang.

07-09-2016, 03:41 AM
You could always just ask them?

07-09-2016, 09:46 AM
Thanks, I was just thinking there was a certain protocol that the artists community follows. I didn't want to look like the newby that I am. :) But I guess I must embrace it.

07-09-2016, 09:55 AM
Not meant disrespectfully in any way, LB, but it's what I'd do. Far better to be up-front and honest. You're only asking how they want things. Good luck with it. :wink:

07-10-2016, 02:04 AM
There's not really a protocol per say, but I think it is best that you wrap your paintings anyways. You could try wrapping them in bubble wrap. It doesn't hurt to protect your artwork in transit. If you have to unwrap your painting at the gallery, it should be no problem for the curator. I've never met a curator that expected me to have my painting unwrapped as soon as I deliver it. In short, there's no protocol for delivering your art, but it doesn't hurt to protect it right?

Susan Mulno
07-10-2016, 08:04 AM
Never had that problem! :biggrin: maybe some day.....

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