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: Please help me identify this lithograph

Lee Cselko
04-16-2016, 02:42 AM
Picked this lithograph up about 6 years ago for $2000.. Recently was told that one of my friends spotted this lithograph in The Guggenheim Museum...

I can't identify the signatures of this lithograph, and I need some help

Photo of the Lithograph:

Signature on the bottom right of the Lithograph:

Maybe name of the Lithograph? on the bottom centre:

Signature on the bottom left of the Lithograph:

Any info/help would be very very much appreciated, THANK YOU :biggrin:

Susan Mulno
04-16-2016, 07:00 AM
I think you may find Enrico Embroli is your man. Take a look at the link, in the images there is one that looks very much like this.

Cannot find any more at this time.