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03-13-2016, 03:46 AM
Hey everyone :) I run this youtube page and interviewed a good friend who just recently got into art! He's turned out to be very interesting since he began. You can support him and my channel by checking out this video! Thanks!

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03-13-2016, 05:16 AM
No thank you.

03-13-2016, 06:24 AM
lol just"!
well thats 15 minutes of my life I can never get back

Susan Mulno
03-13-2016, 08:16 AM
Welcome to the forum.

If you are here to talk, see, and show art we are glad to have you aboard. :biggrin:

If you are here just to sell something, it will go awry.

03-13-2016, 09:32 AM
Hello Susan! Thanks for welcoming me to the forum where I assume this is a community where I have put a lot of time into my efforts to go and interview a real artist. I'm disappointed for what I thought would be a kind community, but disregard my opinion. I(the guy who interviewed) make as little as a piece of lint from my videos. Sammy, is a college student who's struggling to obtain the expenses for his artwork and is making little to no money from his passion. If this is an artist forum you'd welcome the fact that me(an artist in videography) and Sammy(another artist) are doing these videos with the intent to inspire others who may be struggling like us. I hope one day all my efforts will soon be worth it. Thanks for the encouragement.

03-13-2016, 09:35 AM
Hello! I'm sorry to hear that I wasted your valuable time. There were numerous hours put into the making of this video: travel, preparation, filming, and editing. Hopefully I can improve on the next video where I feature another real artist. I appreciate you hanging in for the 15 minutes!

03-13-2016, 09:38 AM
Hi. I put a lot of time into my video. My friend who's the artist in the video is unaware that a video about him is being teased on. You also encouraged other people's comments. For that I wake up in the middle of night hoping that I'd receive positive feedback for doing something I thought we be good for people. I guess I thought wrong. Thanks for your time.

03-13-2016, 09:46 AM
Here's a portrait of Afrika Bambaata Sammy drew. He's also an Art Major at a Community College.

Susan Mulno
03-13-2016, 12:38 PM
Not disregarding or being anti social at all. I am genuine in the welcome and look forward to seeing any work you have to contribute. We have had some people here trying to advertise or beg, neither of which is welcome here, so I was only warning you in a non hostile manner to change gears if that is what you were about. Hope we can still be friends.

03-13-2016, 06:24 PM
hey husoul you've already learned a valuable lesson and probably the most important one on here in that, you shouldn't take any feedback personally.
the first post you made came across to me as if it was probably your own youtube channel that you were trying to advertise.
in this case I was wrong, and so I'm sorry for making that judgment about you.
on the other hand I said I wasted 15 minutes of my life because I watched the video in the hopes you'd ask me why I felt like that.
as I don't think you'll ask me I'l tell just you...the first 1.15 seconds is Sam talking, we don't see any art for 1 and a half minutes?
just long shots of his ''abode'' then it shows the edge of a canvas and 4 skewed pictures he's holding in a book - then it goes back to sammy for another 1 min 30 seconds of a rant, for me it goes on and on like that.
wouldn't it be better if you shot just his artworks and had his voice over explaining each piece?
I like some of Sammys art and I hope you take what I've said as a positive.

welcome to the forums :)