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: Spring

03-04-2016, 03:37 PM
This is a quickie that I'm not overly proud of but thought I'd share anyway.

Susan Mulno
03-04-2016, 03:59 PM
I like it! Love the colors.

It is loose, happy and timely! :biggrin:

03-04-2016, 04:24 PM
Pretttyyyy OuO It has such a nice flow to it, easy on the eyes and is very relaxing.

03-04-2016, 05:05 PM
A quickie. You've got so good.

03-04-2016, 07:16 PM
Thank you all. I truly appreciate the encouragement.

03-04-2016, 07:22 PM
this is a very beautiful painting I wish I could do beauty

03-05-2016, 05:08 AM
You should be proud of this. It is one of the best that you have done.

03-05-2016, 10:47 AM
TerryCurley I believe this is one of my favorites, if not my favorite. You have absolutely captured Spring on that canvas. I know you thought flowers in vases my be your niche, but I'm pretty sure this is.

I have also noticed you work very well with the cooler colors...which would be good for you anyway. :biggrin:

03-06-2016, 02:53 PM
I like the colors the reflection and the way you have painted the water.

03-06-2016, 05:28 PM
I guess the cooler colors bring on more a relaxed feeling. That's what you were meaning were you not LeighAnn?

Thank you folks. The response on this one actually surprised me. I really appreciate the encouragement.

03-08-2016, 11:37 PM
TerryCurley I don't think you worry over or struggle any with the cooler colors. You just paint, and viola! It looks great! The calmness and happier feeling is just a bonus :wink: