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: Garden Frog Sculpture

01-05-2016, 09:23 AM

Check out What I Found :biggrin:

ohhh I love it imma get one.

I cant really sculpt myself so I just Collect them and I love It.

This frog is sooo cute.

And Its actually a Key Hider

Tell Me What You Think

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01-05-2016, 10:03 AM
This post is suspiciously like you are advertising the frog and/or other sculptures on the web site. Since we have paying advertisers I need to ask you not to do that. Please post a picture of the frog instead of a link to the web site.

Susan Mulno
01-05-2016, 10:04 AM
He is cute!

You should try sculpture, just start with cheap clay and see if the bug bites. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

01-15-2016, 07:10 AM
I'm surprised no one has tried the light crete mix I've been touting... Great for garden stuff! Just made the steps for our gnomie-homie. Time to start on big pots for Spring. Gonna imbed broken pottery & glass in it for a bitto fancy.