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: Question about 'rules' of painting

E Burna
12-20-2015, 08:04 PM
So... if you paint acrylic does that mean you shouldnt use any oil and vice versa? Aka should the painting be all one medium? What about markers? I heard someone mention they paint but also use markers on their art (along with the paint)... is this 'cheating'? lol I know art is subjective and we can ultimately do ANYTHING we want, but in regards to how art is viewed by society... what are the rules in regards to this??? Will art that uses markers w/paint not be viewed at as 'serious'? etc etc

12-21-2015, 05:10 AM
The rules, as you say, are based upon material characteristics, not any "political correctness" or social BS. For instance, the ol' saying "oil doesn't mix with water"... Waterbased paints tend to not work well with oils. Another: If you want to apply paint to a surface such as treated/sealed wood you'd be wise to ensure it's cured and sanded or your topcoat may fall off. But realize that "mixed media" is exactly that.

12-21-2015, 05:58 AM
Two things to be mindful of

1. like Sorin says, material characteristics should be considered, e.g. oil will stick to acrylic but NOT vice versa

2. if you enter a competition or a show they will determine the rules of what is acceptable. Transparent watercolor societies expect your work to be just that, made from transparent watercolor not mixed media. Don't like the rules, don't enter.

otherwise, feel free to mix, match or whatever, after all you're the artist and it is your art.

Have fun!

12-21-2015, 02:51 PM
Oils can be painted over Acrylic, but acrylic can't be painted over oils because oil is not a good base for acrylic. That's what i learned in my art class. Good teacher, degree and all that, can't imagine he's wrong. i use acrylic and oils but i tend to keep them apart, although i have used and acrylic based primer for an oil painting.

E Burna
12-21-2015, 09:30 PM
Do any of you use markers along with your painting for detail work?

E Burna
12-23-2015, 03:09 PM
Two things to be mindful of

1. like Sorin says, material characteristics should be considered, e.g. oil will stick to acrylic but NOT vice versa

I've heard acrylic WILL stick to oil, once the oil is TOTALLY dry.. yes/no?

12-24-2015, 06:35 AM
It's been my experience that it peels off. I once painted acrylic over oil on a cabinet and in no time at all it was a total mess of peeling off. I expect the same thing would happen on a painting.

12-24-2015, 12:08 PM
That's why they call it mixed media LOL Well you could use acrylics then oils on top(NOT vice versa),you can use acrylics with pastels,you can use gold leaf with almost any can do almost anything you want lol(but not acrylics over oil,or gold leaf over oils...)rememeber what happens in the kitchen when you mix water with oil...they can't mix LOL,also if you use gold leaf with oils you should 1st stick the gold leaf then paint on top(if it's acrylics it won't matter).Why oils are so pretentious is because they do not dry but rather oxidize and harden over time.It's a looong process that can evolve over long periods of time-even after 100 years the oxidation still takes place-that's why old paintings change color over time,crack over time etc.You could use acrylics instead of oils but rememeber it's a different medium.