: Daily Chat - December 8, 2015

12-08-2015, 07:37 AM
Hi All. What are you planning for today?

As for me, I plan to go to the Flea Market and see how things are going. Haven't been there in over a week.

I also plan to finish the next version of that Mountain Landscape that I have been working on. So far I'm really happy with it. I think it's better than the previous two I've done. I'm going to work some more on the 'Candle in the Window' painting. And I need to go grocery shopping. So I guess I have a busy day planned.

Oh the stomach thingy is all better, it only lasted a day. Thank you for all your wishes for a quick recovery...they worked.

12-08-2015, 08:22 AM
Be careful what kind of meat you eat TerryCurley...pay special attention to chicken-higher risk of salmonella.

12-08-2015, 08:31 AM
Slow day... Yard stuuf & wallymart visit. Did win a first place award over the week end at local show... And a few bucks. I rarely enter such.

12-08-2015, 08:55 AM
The weather is absolutely amazing this week.

We are expecting a high in the mid 70s.

I woke up smiling. I think it is gonna be a good day.

12-08-2015, 10:36 AM
Congratulations Sorin :clap:, how about posting the winning picture.

Cricket our whether isn't going to be that nice but better than it has been. Mid 60's. I'm kind of happy because on Thursday I'm having a new window put in my room and it is going to take most of the day and there will be a big hole until it is finished.:vs_karate:

Asancta (can I call you Victoria?) Yes I've heard how poultry can be dangerous for the spread of salmonella. In fact I've heard that we should not be washing our poultry before cooking it because all that does is spread the salmonella around the kitchen:vs_worry:

12-08-2015, 05:35 PM
TerryCurley all I know is that salmonella dies at high heat so I make sure to boil/fry whatever the meat very well.Also eggs can carry salmonella so eh-be careful with homemade mayonaise...I've read that organic things have less salmonella incidence.Sure call me Victoria

12-08-2015, 09:26 PM
Hey y'all. I want to take a moment to introduce my daughter, Haley. You might see here wandering around here.

I told her about this site because as a young child she was fascinated with art and lately she has been exploring some acrylic painting. :biggrin:

12-08-2015, 09:42 PM
Shhhhh. I was trying to lurk! :vs_blush:

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, and will hopefully be brave enough to post some of my own work eventually.

12-09-2015, 05:10 AM
Ahhh... Fresh meat! I can feel my bad-Santa coming out... Ha. Welcome, Haley. (I did have a few kids ask if I was Santa yesterday at Wallymart. The moms just looked at my ceegar in disgust.)

12-09-2015, 05:42 AM
Welcome to the forum Haley.

Susan Mulno
12-09-2015, 09:54 PM
Hi Haley! Welcome!