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12-01-2015, 10:14 PM
I wrote this a few days ago, and I wanted to share it. Hope you like it.

~ And suddenly I see all different. -"Excuse me sir,..."-. I began to be treated as a gentleman, and things change. You notice people on the street, it's not the same any more. They look, you look back. You notice all of them worried, with anger and anguish, fear. That's what their faces express, fear to a robbery. Fear of being bankrupt. No one lives anymore, they only suffer that disease that's called "Being a civilian". They are not persons any more, they are citizens, machines designed to endure, render at work, buy something new that distract them and make them feel as humans for a while, and then come back to the torture of being a citizen.
Nowadays, smiling is a crime. Everyone is too busy for that. Last childhood being happy is not longer a priority, seeing someone being happy is strange, and hearing somebody laughing seems to be annoying.
For the moment, I make fun of their bad temper. And even knowing that I'm not free from that virus I only take care of finding souls which works as anesthesia, and so, try to carry this thing I could call "my life", 'cuz is so hard to live like this everyday, isn't it? ~

~ Y de repente veo todo distinto. - "¿Su edad?" - 18. Uno empieza a ser tratado de usted, y las cosas cambian. Notas a la gente en la calle, ya no es igual. Te miran, miras de vuelta. Notas a todos preocupados, con odio y angustia, miedo. Eso expresan sus caras, miedo a que le roben. Miedo a que no le den las cuentas. Ya nadie vive, solo sufren esa enfermedad que llaman "Ser un civil". Ya no son personas, son ciudadanos, maquinas diseñadas para endurar, rendir en el trabajo, comprar algo que los distraiga y consiga hacerlos sentir humanos por un rato, y despues volver a la tortura de ser un ciudadano.
Hoy en dia, sonreir es un crimen. Todos estan muy ocupados para eso. Pasada la niñez ser feliz ya no es una prioridad. Ver a alguien contento es extraño, y escuchar a alguien reir hasta parece ser molesto.
Por el momento, yo me burlo de su mal humor. Y aunque se que no me libro de ese dichoso virus solo me preocupo por encontrar almas que sirvan de anestesia, y asi, intentar llevar esto que podria llamar "mi vida", porque que dificil es vivir asi todos los dias, no? ~[/i]

12-02-2015, 06:50 AM
These are some deep thoughts and unfortunately all too true. So much stress for everyone and so much grief and worry.

Thank you for sharing this FanKi.

12-06-2015, 08:02 PM
I'm glad you like it Terry ^^