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: Mouth/nose Practice

11-17-2015, 03:36 PM
I've been following a Nose (with a bit of mouth) tutorial

Yesterday afternoon, and I was doing well, at least for me. Then, I decided to continue with it today... and I screwed it up. Don't know, I did everything grong. I did not like what I was doing, so I stopped. I won't continue with it, it's done for me. Maybe I will like it a bit more tomorro, but right now I don't want to know anything about it


See you later guys!

11-17-2015, 03:42 PM
Can I say something? No your drawing did not turn out exactly like the tutorial BUT I think it's very good. I don't think you should be ashamed or made with this AT ALL. It is these tough ones that we learn the most from. I say you have accomplished a great deal even if it isn't exactly how you wanted it to look.

11-17-2015, 05:06 PM
FanKi your drawing is looking good! Don't give up on it. I think you are doing great!

Susan Mulno
11-17-2015, 08:40 PM
A lot of people have a very tough time with facial features, you did great! Don't let your idea of perfection get in the way of your accomplishments. :vs-kiss:

11-19-2015, 07:19 PM
Thank you girls! :)

Now that I see it again after a few days and more calm... it's not that bad. It could be worse xD

Thanks again!