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: Custom clothing

11-07-2015, 09:26 AM
Hi, I am new here and figured I'd post here as well..

I am an artist that does custom painted clothing, no stencils, it's all free hand.

Me and my husband are in need of extra cash for our puppies vet bills, we found her and her siblings in a box abandoned at a truck stop, we found homes for all except her. She grew very attached to us and we did to her..however her vet bills are through the roof..we live in New Orleans and can't take her to the park as many strays and homeless peoples dogs have parvovirus..we won't subject her to that! We even go days with out eating so she has things she needs and we can save up!

I require payment before I will even start on your items, just like when you buy off a website you have to pay first.

I can do anything from tshirts, hats, aprons, shoes, slippers, bandanas, pants, ect..
I don't draw people unless in chibi form.

Example of the pants I did for my husband

If interested please let me know and we will work out a price..I am cheap but not super cheap as I have to purchase the items..