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: Charcoal drawings advice and opinion

09-29-2015, 01:32 PM
Hi, I recently started drawing with charcoal.
I really like it, but i'm not satisfied with my drawings. I feel like i can't really manage to do the lights and shadows correctly, and i can't use the whole range of shading that charcoal permits to use.
All in all my drawing seem just drawings, they don't feel real at all.
Anyway, i'd really like to know what you think about my drawings, and if you have any advice.

I also have these more practical problems:
-don't really like the paper i'm using, can you suggest me the right kind for charcoal drawing?
-sometimes i feel like the charcoal pencil slips on the paper, and it does not trace as dark as it should. it's like the point of the pencil is "oily" and slips without tracing on the paper.
-if i put a finger on the darkest parts of my drawings, a very little bit of charcoal stays on the finger. is it normal or should i use more/better fixative?

09-29-2015, 01:34 PM
oh, the cow skull and crow is not finished yet. the order i made them in is: skull, hobo, cowboy, rorshack, and cow skull

09-29-2015, 01:54 PM
Welcome to the forum. I don't do drawings only oil paintings so I can't help you but I'm sure there are a lot of folks that will be able to. I just wanted to welcome you and say that I hope you enjoy our artist community.

09-29-2015, 08:43 PM
Welcome to the forum.. You have some good stuff going on in each drawing.. I think you just need to refine your work a bit more.. but it's very good as is

Paper - There are many good papers out there.. but I really like Strathmore Series 300 and 400. You need some tooth.. but not excessive.. try a few different types and see what works best for you

As for the fixative.. I use 3 or 4 thin coats .. this seems to work best for me.