: Daily Chat - September 17

09-17-2015, 10:01 AM
Good morning all,

How are you today? Still trying to recover from yesterday, Wednesdays kick my butt. I haven't been sleeping well lately either so that is adding to it all.

Anything artistic going on in your world? I am taking a break this week but next will start on the next one. A picture of a little special needs boy. His mom is my friend. Don't think I will be charging for that one. She has already been through much.

Hope you all have a GREAT day!

09-17-2015, 11:08 AM
My oldest child turned 34 today. :surprise:

I must have been about 2 years old when she was born...

09-17-2015, 12:39 PM
Happy Birthday to your daughter Cricket.

You are a good soul Chanda for doing the drawing for free. You put so much work into your pictures and so much of yourself. I'm sure it will be a fantastic drawing as all your work is. Looking forward to seeing it.

I find myself getting nervous instead of excited about the upcoming retreat. There are only going to be 6 students in the class. 5 people backed out of the retreat for various reasons. I'm thinking it's the ghost thing but they are using other excuses. I so wished I knew about it before I paid and bought my airline tickets, I would have backed out also. This place was on the show "Ghost Hunters" and it's documented that things are moved from their places and beds are unmade all by themselves. I hate the thought that it is possible that a soul could be trapped on Earth, and I hate it even more that a spirit could somehow interact with the physical world. I'm going to have my Rosaries on me the whole time I'm there. Yeah -- I guess that is not too logical but it will make me feel better. My plane leaves at 6:30am on Sunday so I will have to get up around 2:30 am. UGH it is going to be a long day. :vs_OMG:

09-17-2015, 01:27 PM
Sorry cricket, but i'm not getting something... how old are you? (I can't avoid thinking in my mom saying "do never ask a women how old is she, never" >.< ) Oh, happy birthday tho!

Haaa I'm in a very good mood today. yesterday finally was a good day, I was passing through a "mala racha" (How you say that in english? When nothing goes well but you know it's something transient and everything will be ok later .-.)
I sliced my finger a bit with a cutter today xD nothing serious.

I wonder how that piece will be, Chanda. You are awesome, hope someday I can achieve that level of detail in my drawings :3

Terry, do not worry so much and enjoy. I do not think something is going to happen, and if it does then you tell us cuz will be very interesting to read/hear >.<

09-17-2015, 01:57 PM
I am fixing to turn 54 in October. I was trying to make a joke. LOL

09-17-2015, 06:05 PM
>.< jajajajaja
It happens. Here it's not that weird that someone's child's age is close to her/his parent's age. Some girls get pregnant at 13, 14 .-. and some other families like to adopt maybe if they are 23 years old, they adopt a 16 years old or stuff like that.

It's not something usual, of course, but neither something crazy

Melody Jeoulex
09-17-2015, 08:20 PM
Hi lovely artists! Update for page 2! :3 (fun to shout out for an update of my work)
I've been feeling the pain again at my side..maybe because last night I ate dinner so [email protected]@

Terry, if I'm with you there..I'm going to be your rosary partner..I might not stop praying until we leave that place...my imagination will go wild knowing that place is hunted or what..(yes I'm a scaredy kitty ><) Take care!

chanda hope you get some full energy as soon as possible..

FanKi aawww..not a booboo ><