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: Conditioning Brushes

09-08-2015, 04:54 PM
OK -- so how come I never heard about using conditioner on brushes before? Just curious if I'm the only one that hasn't been doing that.

I first learned about it by a mention on a video of Kathrine Jenkins (yes Kathrine not Gary). What I have been doing is using Mineral Spirts to clean them, then washing them with Dawn soap and water. What often happens is they get stiff when they dry....Not Good! So I was listening to a video by Gary Jenkin's wife and she mentioned that you should use conditioner on your brushes --- SAY WHAT! So I ran off to Hobby Lobby and bought some brush conditioner. I think I can do better painting if my brushes were softer.

Just felt like sharing that.

Susan Mulno
09-09-2015, 12:09 AM
:vs_worry: Well I had no idea! :vs_blush: Ya learn something new every day! :biggrin:

09-09-2015, 11:21 PM
For a minute there I thought you were going to say use hair conditioner for the brushes, lol