: What Keeps You Coming Back?

08-16-2015, 05:15 PM

How did you find ArtistForum and what is it that keeps you coming back?

For me, it is like one of those places that the moment you walked through the door you felt like you were home.

The people here are some of the friendliest I have ever met, the type of folks where you know you have found friends for life. :vs_coffee:

Melody Jeoulex
08-16-2015, 05:56 PM
I keep coming back 'cause it's fun to have a chat with people here internationally..not just about art stuff...whenever I log in, feels like I'm in some kind of a big secret group (although it's for everyone)..and uhm...

I can't think of something else :p ..I just simply love this forum :Rabia::love:

08-16-2015, 07:36 PM
I come here to get advice and learn from those that have been doing art for a longer than me. Since I've been here I've made giant leaps in my painting abilities by listening to criticisms of my work and learning from it. Plus being pointed to techniques I would have never learned without this forum.

08-16-2015, 07:54 PM
Hhhm what keeps me coming back?

The love this forum emantes keeps me coming back.
Here there is no anger, no fury, no negative things, just people being supportive and kind, giving advice... it's more than art what people share...

08-16-2015, 11:07 PM
I came because a good friend invited me (Thanks Carl) I suppose I stay since after a few weeks I mentioned that I would help where I could.. and the next thing I knew they had made me a supermod.. LOL!

PS - Seriously.. there are a bunch of fine folk here.. and I love being able to learn.. and help others

08-17-2015, 06:42 AM
I think it just has to feel right. Some forums get too big and it is overwhelming to even open the page. I am on a couple like that. I think that level of "getting to know the artist" is important. Compare it big cities and small..I like the small town atmosphere of this one. It is the ONLY art site I have stayed with consistently over the years and the only one I left and came back too.

The fact that there are incredibly helpful and talented artists here only adds to the appeal.

08-18-2015, 08:52 AM
For the people of course :biggrin:
You are all amazing and full of talents, I know I can learn a lot from all of you.
And you are all so nice it's refreshing, I really love this place it's very welcoming :vs_sad: