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: Tiny Water Scene

07-04-2015, 12:05 PM
So my Little Girl gave me a few micro canvases for Christmas. I thought it would be interesting to see what I could do with it and some watercolor. (Painting on Canvas isn't really a traditional watercolor technique). It was rather difficult for a few reasons.

#1 - You can't really paint layers.. as the older paint tends to wash off.
#2 - Because of #1 you can't blend well at all (ie:the flag shadows)
#3 - It takes a bit longer to dry a layer.
#4 - The "bumps" on the canvas make it hard to get a smooth edge (ie: the sailboat)
#5 - This canvas is only 2" X 2" (Yup .. you read that right.. 4 in sq! ) That's a VERY tiny space to get any detail.. LOL!
So here is my test.. a picture from Sepp Fischer of a boat trip he took last month..

PS - The frame came with the tiny canvas



07-04-2015, 12:19 PM
I was looking at these little canvas at Hobby Lobby the other day and was wondering how on Earth could you do anything with them. But you did fine and it's a cute piece to put on a little shelf or even a windowsill.

Maybe you should try using acrylic for the next one. It would avoid pretty much all the problems you listed.

07-04-2015, 12:26 PM
I know Terry.. I am STILL wondering how you can do anything with them.. ROTFLOL!


07-04-2015, 12:36 PM
Oh, the motif looks good, even if it is very small -
miniatures also have their charm.
For watercolor, the surface is too rough.
Sepp Fischer sounds very bavarian?


07-04-2015, 01:04 PM
Thanks Ernst

Yes.. definitely a rough surface.. But I learned some valuable lessons that I will be able to take back to my Arches 300# paper and come up with some nice stuff...

Sepp's a great guy.. from Germany.. and a good friend..


07-04-2015, 03:53 PM
Canvases need to be used with paints of a thick nature... Oils, acrylics, etc. Watercolors are good for smooth surfaces up to cold pressed W/C papers

07-04-2015, 04:25 PM
Yes.. I know Sorin.. as I said I was just testing it out.. and honestly.. I don't think it turned out half bad.. I typically use Strathmore Cold Pressed 140# or Arches 300# Cold Pressed papers.. This was just for fun since I was given it.. and I don't do Acrylic nor Oil