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: Over exposed images

Junaid khan
06-08-2015, 01:28 AM
Hello everyone i am a beginner i studio photography and when i am working with wireless trigger and studio lights i am getting over exposed images and when i try to bring the exposure level down i get some white lights passing above my subject.I am really fed up now can anyone of you help me out please.

06-08-2015, 10:50 AM
Ghosting is a common problem. Are you using a tripod? Or is the camera handheld? Also check to make sure you aren't getting a double exposure. I was looking at some pictures that I took 30 years ago of my Mom (she has since passed) and some were double exposed and had ghosting from double exposure. One actually was a really nice effect.. LOL~

There are many possibilities causing this.. Lighting in the wrong place or angle.. Lighting too hot (you need reflectors typically in the studio)... Reflected light coming from an unwanted source.. overexposure, etc. Maybe a shot of your studio could help a bit.. hard to tell just from what you are saying. HTH


Junaid khan
06-09-2015, 01:04 AM
Thanks a ton for your reply i am really fed up i tried yesterday also and i used only one studio light with wireless trigger then too i didn't got perfect shot again it was overexposed and the images are so bad i am feeling shy to show them.

06-09-2015, 08:06 PM
Well this is a safe place to show them as no one will judge you. If you DO put a couple up.. it might help us determine what's going on. Chanda is an expert in photography.. and I dabble a bit.. but I understand the theory very well. We might be able to help if you like


PS - I know you have pulled back the light source.. but are you using a buffer or a reflector ?

Junaid khan
06-10-2015, 12:28 AM
I am getting this type of effect i don't know why is it anything to do with placing of lights.

Junaid khan
06-10-2015, 01:06 AM
And the second problem is when i am bringing down the exposure level down i am getting this image.


Junaid khan
06-11-2015, 03:21 AM
Please do reply me fast its urgent.

06-11-2015, 03:45 PM
Looks to me like you are shooting into the sun.,.. or that you are not using a deflector..


Junaid khan
06-12-2015, 02:05 AM
No its just an example that i am getting this type of image in the studio also.

Junaid khan
06-12-2015, 02:06 AM
I have contacted the local studio photographer yesterday and he will be coming to my studio today HTH.

Junaid khan
06-12-2015, 12:00 PM
Hey @Bushcraftonfire thanks a lot but i finally got the solution there was a problem with my softbox actually the local studio boy told me that the light were set too high and there was much of light which was making difficulty for me to shoot.

06-12-2015, 02:11 PM
Glad you got it figured out


06-15-2015, 06:56 AM
Getting in on this late but glad you figured it out! I would have pegged it for aperture and ISO settings being off.

David you are too kind. I am far from an expert..just a hobbyist who sometimes lucks out with a cool picture here and there.