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: Name of the painting and artist

01-19-2015, 08:47 PM
We ( bought this at an antique center and the tag said 17th century. The dealer was not there at the time we bought it. Just curious who the artist is and the name of the painting. the signature is pretty faded. I tried to enhance the best I could. Thank you. a4f64ff83800ab497fd5a72ac179&oe=54C0CA6D&__gda__=1421848764_0e2e2a2491f666497c66fdd47ef39d4 9 86baae0d6c0404ef95adf56f7a88&oe=54BFA9A4&__gda__=1421927760_6e240a19f38476ab49c0a5689066b9f c