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: How rare can it be?

07-14-2014, 12:14 PM

New to the forum. Hope this is the right place to ask?

Recently I was cleaning in my mother's attic when I noticed she still had some paintings that were left by the original owners of the house from 1910. I would like to say 2 of them are "period" pieces (will try and get signatures and photos)? and one is a vase with flowers signed - T Bowen.

Also there is a small print of The Last Super (black & white).

My mother purchased this house back in 1970 from the original owner here in Chicago. The daughter, after her mother died (original owner), told my mother that anything left in the house she could keep. My mother never moved these paintings from the location they were left in, she just covered them up.

I would like to have them appraised but not sure how to go about doing so and the cost.

The two period pieces are approximately 24" x 24" each. The frames are "weathered a bit" but the painting itself looks nice.

Any advice would be appreciated.