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: Question about limited editions

09-23-2012, 11:18 PM
I make limited edition prints for local artists. Most are signed and numbered, and that leads me to my question.

One of my clients has 55 to 60 prints made from each of her pen and ink prints (all signed and numbered). I've made prints from a couple dozen of her originals so far, but only one has sold out. She still has requests for it and wants me to make more.

I told her that "limited edition" means you can't just make more of the same, but she still wants to. I suggested that maybe we could make it slightly smaller than the original and that she not sign them (other than the original signature on the original). She's fine with that.

The original was 4.75 x 8 inches, as were the 60 prints. If I made it 4.5 x 7.5, would that be fair to the owners of the original signed and numbered prints? Or should I just make it the same size?

I'm looking for thoughts -- and what would be the proper way to do this.

Also, how would you price the open edition? Because it was the first piece of art that she had prints made from and one of her smaller ones, it was priced low -- $60. She was thinking she wanted to raise the price, but I said it should be lower since they will be part of an open edition, unsigned. Again, thoughts?


10-09-2012, 09:42 PM
Limited has standards and have regulations on what is legally considered to be a limited print. You are able to reprint anything that has been issued as being limited but I would not have the artist sign them or number them, even the stock you print them on should be different. So yes it is perfectly okay to print the same piece but not as an a limited piece.

10-09-2012, 10:49 PM
Thanks for the reply George. I did print them, just a tad bit smaller than the original and limited edition prints, and she agreed not to sign or number them. Since this first one of hers was printed by another company, I'm sure it's a different paper too. We've set a price of $50 each, just slightly less than the signed and numbered edition. I'm kind of hoping they don't sell well, as that might discourage the artist from wanting open editions of her other limited edition prints that are about sold out.

The artist is 70+ and having some health problems, so I doubt she'll be doing too many more originals. It's already been more than 2 years since her last one.