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  1. Seeking Direction
  2. Motivation and Direction
  3. How to locate famous paintings in the world
  4. biggest project ever!
  5. How rare can it be?
  6. what up with all the crying?
  7. Mysterious painting...valuation?
  8. art advice needed.
  9. Any art enthusiasts willing to do my assessment task?
  10. What material and teqniques did basquiat use?
  11. What to look at when drawing?
  12. New instagram page! please follow!!
  13. Need adivice (new member)
  14. brag or excuse
  15. Any Advice?
  16. Opinions??
  17. Isn't this an art site?
  18. Has it been 3years?
  19. To Nude or Not to Nude?
  20. Creating dermal ridges?
  21. Need some advice, painting a large piece! 10'x15'
  22. What Do You Think of Art Basel?
  23. Seeking some drawing-related advice...
  24. phony artists
  25. Select a painting to see expected time
  26. Art equipment advice?
  27. Art that really moved you
  28. What you listening to?
  29. when does art cross the line?
  30. Interesting art video
  31. What do you think?? New Print
  32. Interesting article I'd thought I'd share
  33. Hello all, I'm new here
  34. How do I take a good picture of my artwork?
  35. having trouble with scale of a painting?
  36. Question about limited editions
  37. Drawing Paper
  38. Does any other artist on here do "Stippling" Art?
  39. Post Haloween Artwork Here
  40. Art medium and what we scrawl upon
  41. Vibrancy
  42. I'm doing Photo Realistic Sketches
  43. Painting From Photograph: How Much Pay Model and Photographer Upon Sale?
  44. What qualifies as art?
  45. why is thier no tattoo art spot on this forum?
  46. Advancing in art
  47. My drawings placed at the fair!
  48. Misc art stuff
  49. your best compliment
  50. any ideas for my next drawing
  51. Pepsi cans, the medium of a New Generation
  52. Other Arts...