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: Featured Articles and Topics

  1. Do you have an art studio in your home?
  2. Do you have a website to showcase your artwork?
  3. How do YOU decide how much to charge for your artwork?
  4. Do you talk about your art?
  5. What steps do you take to keep your art supplies clean & organized?
  6. Do You Promote Your Artwork on Social Media?
  7. Do You Remember Your First Art Supply Kit?
  8. What Mistakes Did You Make When You Started?
  9. Do You Use Computer Programs To Help With Your Art?
  10. Do you share your love of art with young people?
  11. Have You Taken Any Art Classes?
  12. Frugal Tips for Getting Started as an Artist
  13. Modern Mediums and How Art Has Changed Over the Years
  14. Simple Tips for Creating Lifelike Portraits
  15. The Top 10 Essential Tips for Oil Painting
  16. Creative Ways to Hang Your Artwork
  17. Copywriting Tips to Sell More of Your Art Online
  18. Watercolor Techniques to Make a Masterpiece
  19. How to Make Your Own Paper
  20. How to Make Your Own Homemade Paint
  21. Types of Paint Brushes and How to Use Them
  22. Three Healthy Attitudes That Will Help You as an Artist
  23. The Top 10 Tips to Becoming a Better Artist in 2017
  24. 6 Simple Tips for Painting Winter Landscapes
  25. Winter Painting Tips: Depicting Snow with Different Mediums
  26. Two Simple Ways to Thin Acrylic Paint for a Unique Look
  27. Simple Tips for Mastering Composition
  28. Why is Sketching So Important for an Artist?
  29. Understanding the Basics of Color Theory
  30. Tips for Getting Your Art Picked Up by a Gallery
  31. How to Make Money Selling Photography
  32. The Importance of Discipline for a Struggling Artist
  33. What Are the Biggest Art and Design Trends of 2016?
  34. Try Something New to Get the Creative Juices Flowing
  35. Simple Tips for Learning to Draw Figures
  36. What Jobs Can You Get with an Arts Degree?
  37. Six Simple Tips to Have a Successful Career in the Arts
  38. Unconventional Materials that Make Great Mediums
  39. Three Unique Ways to Use Chalk Pastels
  40. Blending Tips and Tricks for Oil Paint
  41. Beginner Tips for Amateur Photographers
  42. Paint Additives to Make Your Next Painting Truly Unique
  43. Step-by-Step Guide for Stretching Perfect Canvas Every Time
  44. Pricing: How to Set Pricing for Your Artwork
  45. Tips for Selling Your Artwork Online
  46. Handling Commissioned Artwork
  47. Building Your Online Portfolio
  48. Finding Inspiration
  49. Dealing With Constructive Criticism
  50. Tips for Selling Your Art on Etsy
  51. Creating a Buzz on Instagram
  52. Do you think that graffiti is art?
  53. Where do you get your art supplies?
  54. WordPress for Artists
  55. Photographing Your Art for Big Impact
  56. Hitting An Artistic Brick Wall
  57. Using Color Wheels to Enhance Your Artwork
  58. An Introduction to Artist Brushes
  59. Which artistic skills and techniques do you want to learn?
  60. Tips for Better Photographic Composition
  61. How Perspective Can Change Your Art