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Man smoking pipe with red benie
The Watcher kinda Watching
People Ggather around a cosy fire to chat
A , Berserker and his familiar
Young woman looking back
A nun tries to cover up, Lady Godivers state of undress
Just some of my work
The fusion between a man and lizard
Friendly Berserker asking for a cookie :)
A Pink Floyd Concert
Female warrior is bone tired
Lovely light show in the heart of London
Fairy holds sway over her butterfly subjects
London Street and Christmas Lights
A rather surreal country scene
A lady walks across a canal bridge
Second attempt with this painting
A fatal flaw in the design of the , boomerang bullet comes to light
Wizard is waiting for a 22 Bus
The song lingers on
A Young Woman And A Cat
A Little thing I did very rapidly :D
Camels and riders resting near some ,pyramids
Just a relaxed wizard doing his thing
Volcano looking fairly energetic but not erupting.
A woman waiting for a train
A poor family have two candles to keep warm this, Christmas !
A painting Inspired by a song called, Ducks On A Pond . Incredible String Band
A angel arrives and causes a great deal of attention.
Pure subconscious impulse drove this one
A photo I found on by : karina-vorozheeva-rW-I87aPY5Y-unsplash(1)