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TerryCurley 10-25-2015 02:08 PM

Daily Chat - October 25, 2015
Hi folks. What is everybody up to?

As for me I have 3 works in progress going and loving every minute I work on them.

That last picture I did of the Big Lilly was from a Gary Jenkins tutorial. It's getting an unbelievable response. I posted it on FB and that same day one of my online friends said she'd buy it. Then that night my sister-in-law called me from New York and said she wanted it. I told her I would paint it again and mail it to her, and then the next day my daughter-in-law's mother (who is a good friend also) sent me an e-mail and said she would like to buy it, so I told her I would paint it again for her.

I don't know what it is about this picture that has made it so much more appealing than anything else I've done. I've done several of Gary Jenkins tutorials and never got a reaction like this. And to be honest this one is a very easy one to do.

Sometimes I feel guilty about using a tutorial for pictures that I sell but then I think how is it so much different from doing a painting from a photo? All a tutorial does is tell you where to put what pretty much and so do photos...ok...yeah they do give guidance like make this lighter and this darker etc.

I'm also working on an original composition but it's coming out questionable as most of my original compositions from my head do. I may post it when it's finished, not sure yet.

Well thanks for reading my rambling. Have a great day. Looking forward to reading your rambling too.

FanKi 10-25-2015 03:17 PM

Yo Yo! Patriot day here! We have presidential electiosn, first time voting... wuuhu (?

Besides from that... hmm I think I know what I'm going to draw. Last friday I wrote something before I went to bed, and I would like to ilustrate it. Don't really know how, but I want to do it, so maybe I will start to work on that and then post the writing + the drawing :)

Quite busy right now, will be seeing your new work later Terry ^^

Hmm I think that using a tutorial is a bit of help, but you are doing it by yourself. You don't have a teacher doing some parts of the painting, or mixing your colors, that's all you doing great stuff :3

Melody Jeoulex 10-25-2015 03:47 PM

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Hi everyone! Sorry if I was gone for days...crazy stuff going on with is just really a pain in the butt right now but yeah,still holding on...missed posting stuff here...I'm done with Wittle Red so I'll be uploading them right now...still working on my stuff for Inktober..I hope I ain't too late...

Have a great Sunday everyone! now gimme all your strawberry juice bleh,bleh bleh! :vs_smirk:

TerryCurley 10-25-2015 05:02 PM

How exciting FanKi first time voting. Hope your choice wins.

Here in the states we will be electing a new president next year but the campaigns started months ago. They are in the news every day giving speeches. Right now I believe there are 18 people running for president. 15 Republicans and 3 Democrats. LOL, I usual don't get really interested in it until it's down to 2 -- one from each party. Or 3 if there is an independent running, so far there isn't.

Luna there isn't much happening on the forum so I don't think you missed anything much. I love your cartoons and look forward to seeing them.

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