Winter Painting Tips: Depicting Snow with Different Mediums

Winter Painting Tips: Depicting Snow with Different Mediums

There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh field of pure white snow. If you are an artist, this is just the kind of scene you might hope to capture in a painting. Unfortunately, while it may seem easy, snow is actually fairly difficult to depict realistically. Keep reading to receive some helpful tips for depicting snow with different artistic mediums.

1. Using Salt with Watercolor – If you want to achieve the look of falling snow in your watercolor painting, try using some salt. After applying your paint, sprinkle the painting with salt while the paint is still wet. The salt will absorb some of the wet paint and, when it is dry, you can just brush it off the painting to reveal the falling snow. This technique works best on a dark background.

2. Use Color to Create Dimension – When you look at a field of snow, you probably just see a sheet of white at first. But if you pay attention to how the color of the snow changes as it recedes from view and how it looks around other objects, you’ll notice slight hues of various color. The closer the snow is to the foreground of the scene, the more blue it becomes – as it recedes it becomes warmer in shades of yellow, pink, and orange.

3. Use Snow-Tex – If you want to create a three-dimensional look for the snow in your painting, consider using a 3-D medium called Snow-Tex. This is a white textural medium that creates the look of snow on a variety of surfaces including paper, wood, clay, plaster, and more. It is most commonly used for craft projects but you can experiment with it on a painting as well.

4. Layer Colors with Oils – When painting a snowy scene using oil paints, you need to create layers of color for a realistic appearance. Start with the darker colors (the shadows) and work in your grays next. Keep in mind that you may need to let the layers dry in between because they might be absorbed by the layer underneath. When you get around to the white layer, paint it on thick.

5. Use Acrylic Medium to Blend – If you want to create a natural-looking hill or field of snow with acrylic paints, you’ll need to do some blending. Using an acrylic medium that thins the paint and makes it more spreadable is an easy way to do this. Just mix the medium directly into your paint or dip your brush in it before you dip it in paint. The more medium you use, the thinner and more spreadable the paint will be – it will also stay wet a little longer.

These are just a few techniques that you can do to make your snow look realistic when using different artistic mediums. Whichever method you choose, just take your time and practice until you get the hang of it. You may even develop your own technique along the way!

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